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Introducing Ourselves

Advances in technology have given us ever-greater insights into the complexities of the human brain and the inter-connection of its functions. Our lifelong interest in human intelligences, their origins, functions and interrelationships culminated in the development of the 3Di model of multiple intelligences. As educationalists we believe that all places where learning happens - which includes homes and workplaces - need to be sites for the development of all our intelligences. Neglect of any of the intelligences results in the failure to optimise the working of the others.

Gary Foskett

Gary FoskettHaving been head of a Primary school for 21 years, I have extensive experience of educational management, and I have a particular  interest in pedagogy and the enjoyment of learning for all young people. Prior to becoming a head teacher, I was a primary advisory teacher for the ILEA, with a special focus on language, literacy and learning.

I've been involved in academic research and have co-authored papers on the aims of education, the 3Di model, and its relevance to teaching, learning and personal development. Since leaving school management I've continued to refine the 3Di model; I've written published essays about the 3Di philosophy and I've worked with both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as practicing teachers and senior managers.

I have a degree and experience in Business Management as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I'm currently writing a book on spiritual intelligence.

Clare Blackhall

Clare BlackhallI’m an executive member of the national association for advisers in personal and social education, and have worked for a number of years as a senior PSHE Adviser in a local authority. My key concerns in this role were teenage pregnancy, obesity, wellbeing and pupil involvement. I have worked across all age ranges on the development of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education.

I was previously the Healthy Schools manager for a consortium of three Inner London boroughs, and in that role worked with colleagues across the health, education and social care sectors.

As a teacher and a senior manager in primary schools, I instigated a changing pedagogy through a whole school approach to PSHE, RE and Special Needs. I also promoted a view of schools being at the centre of their communities – and as such a key agency for the development of wellbeing for children, young people and their families.

I have collaborated with Gary on the refinement of the 3Di model over a period of years, and have recent personal and professional experience of the model in action.

I am currently working on a book about three dimensions of intelligence and adolescents.

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